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Prism Consulting


P –    Policy and Planning

R –   Research

I –    Innovation

S –   Stakeholder Engagement

M – Media and Communications


Building upon my strengths as a researcher, writer, educator and digital storyteller, my consultancy practice is informed by a prismatic lens. A prismatic lens acknowledges the need for multi-dimensional policy-making, which requires making space for diverse voices in the process. In all the work that I do, I am committed to policy dialogue. I am particularly interested in creating spaces of dialogue that convene public engagement between policy makers and citizens. Informed by a participatory methodology, which emphasizes dialogue and design, my practice seeks to bring the general public into conversation with regulators. In doing so, my approach to public engagement works collaboratively with communities and decision-makers throughout all crucial phases of policy-making processes, while acknowledging that these do not necessarily take shape in linear fashion:  problem-definition, agenda-setting, consultation, public engagement, policy dialogue, project design, implementation and evaluation.


Core Service Areas


  • Community visioning and planning

  • Supporting avenues for place-making

  • Creating outreach strategies

  • Building relationships with diverse peoples, communities and places

  • Drafting and producing policy papers and technical documents

  • Regulatory and legislative review

  • Distributing relevant materials, written and visual, to relevant stakeholder groups

  • Facilitating meaningful consultation processes in person and virtually

  • Summarizing feedback and input from those consulted

  • Enabling quality assurance and evaluation










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